Are you wondering how to wash your car like a professional? The method, accessories and suitable products will be your best allies for a perfectly successful full wash without effort. To wash your car without leaving any marks and giving it all its shine, refer to our professional tips:

To remove stains without damaging the paint, use a clean microfiber cloth or sponge. Reserve the brush for washing the rims.
To avoid scratches, a pressure jet allows washing with water without rubbing;

Equip yourself with a product adapted to each surface. Forget about vinegar and dish soap. You won’t need a brush on the paint or bumpers.
Polishing is an important step to avoid limescale marks and restore your vehicle to its full shine. Our advice will be to carefully wipe the car with a clean, dry cloth. Finally to shine, use a synthetic chamois leather and a polish.

To obtain a professional result, it is advisable to use a car cleaner specially designed for each part of your vehicle.
There are complete ranges of products to make your body shine: ceramic car shampoo, anti-scratch or mirror effect polish, special black car interior cleaner, rim cleaner, etc.

You can also hire a mobile car wash service

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